About The Minister

Rev. Dr Craig de Vos B.V.Sc., Dip.P.S., B.Th.(Hons.), PhD.

After 10 years in Melbourne, during which he taught at the United Faculty of Theology and ministered to several Uniting Church congregations, Craig returned to Adelaide and was called to minister at North Adelaide Baptist Church.

A published New Testament scholar, and a member of the international "Context Group", Craig's academic speciality involves employing the social-sciences as a means of understanding the Bible within its social context.

He is passionate about preaching, striving to help people understand what the authors of the Bible were trying to say to their original hearers and trying to make sense of that today in our post-modern, post-Christian and post-industrial society.

Craig is also passionate about social justice. He is on the executive of Christians Supporting Choice for Voluntary Assisted Dying, and ran as a candidate for the SA Legislative Council in 2010 with the group, "Christians for Voluntary Euthanasia". He is or has been involved in the fight for marriage equality and the treatment of asylum seekers.

In his spare time, Craig is an avid freediver.